Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems

Security is all but a basic need for homes. While traditional security included an armed guard at your door, digital protection covers more area is efficient and highly reliable. As a business that has been installing home security systems in Brampton, we understand the need for our customers to feel safe and be sure of what they are investing in.

At Total security Co., our job is cut out for us. We work to deliver convenience through technology and quality customer service. Our team consists of experienced technicians, designers, and engineers who don’t just know how to install a security system but are also familiar with the inner workings of the tech involved in setting up a fully functional security protocol.

Before discussing home security systems in Oakville on your property, we take into account what your vision of a secured property is. For each homeowner, the requirements and understanding of a security system are different. However, there are a few commonalities between each client. Whether a security system is worth it or not makes it to the list of questions most asked.


Is a home security system in Vaughan worth the investment?

No matter where your home is, a security system can add value to everyday life tremendously. Here is how

Protecting valuable belongings

It is quite common to hear stories of lost valuables and burglary. Add the loss of irreplaceable valuables to the list, and you have a real problem on your hands. Total security can help design a security system that helps protect anything you value on your property. An alarm system can help prevent break-ins and burglaries just by being present on the property.

Prevents crimes

The presence of a home security system in Caledon can be quite instrumental in deterring the plans of possible criminals. The presence of a camera monitoring a doorway or a camera recording everything on the premises can make a criminal change their mind and leave before causing any damage.

Remote operation

You don’t have to worry about your home when you are away, especially for a vacation or for a long time. Consistent surveillance and the possibility of accessing the live feed from your home can help keep things under check when you are not there.

Insurance benefits

This is one of the most sought-after benefits of a reliable security system. Having a fully operational security system on your property can help reduce homeowners insurance by almost 20%. This also helps file claims in case there is a loss of valuables and more.


home security system in Hamilton can help identify and alert concerned authorities on time. In case of fires or electrical malfunctions, you can set up preventative measures through a home automation system to prevent disasters from getting out of hand. Even if the house isn’t automated your alarm system can send an alert to the relevant reinforcement providers to curb damages.

Peace of mind

A fully functional home security system in Mississauga can prove extremely useful in keeping you stress-free. It is quite common to worry about a break-in if you don’t have a security surveillance system or an alarm system on the property. encounters can be quite drastic, even threatening the lives of your loved ones in case there are no backup measures in place. Thieves and criminals can be armed which is something that bothers most home openers before they look into a viable security system.

We understand where our customers are coming from and as such guarantee the installation of a security system that does not falter in its purpose.

What are the components of a Total security Co home security system in Vaughan?

There is a range of installations involved in designing the perfect security system for your home. The main components are motion sensors, alarms, and security cameras. However, we can build a more complex system for your home, including several other components for amped-up security if you so require. Here is a brief introduction to the possible components of a security system

Motion sensors

Motion sensors are a major component of a home security system in Mississauga. They are operational in setting off alarms, turning on specific lights, and alerting homeowners when needed.


Security cameras are useful in monitoring and recording any activity on your property. You can set up indoor and outdoor cameras with varying features if you like. This live feed can also be sent to a control room or your smartphone if that is what you prefer.

Fire alarms and others

Fire alarms and alert alarm systems are also the main components of a functional home security system in Brampton. Silent alarms can also be installed in conjunction with various installations to alert relevant authorities when needed.

Similarly, when there is a fire, an alarm can go off and send an alert to your smartphone, or at home, automation sets off sprinklers to curb the fire.

Glass breaks

Detectors can be put in place to detect a break-in. Since glass fixtures are the easiest to break a detector set up for this purpose can help set off an alarm negating a possible break-in or catching the culprits in the act.


When you choose us to set up a home security system in Caledon, we make sure that you are aware of any possible upgrades that you can make to improve the efficiency and quality of your security system.

We also offer maintenance services and repair any malfunctions that you may be facing with the installed system.

How to hire us?

Our experts are just a call away. You can first call us for an estimate before deciding to work with us on a quality security system. Call us today or leave your queries in the contact us section.