Residential Surveillance Systems

Residential Surveillance Systems

Home security and monitoring have been around for a while now. The purpose and use of cameras have grown tremendously over each evolution, and now you can be miles away and see exactly what is going on in your home. At Total security Co., our job is to install home security cameras in Brampton and surrounding locations to deliver a comprehensive approach to keeping your home and loved ones safe.

You may assume that home security cameras come with a ton of hassle, but with the right installation services, you will be stress-free and completely safe in no time. Home security cameras in Vaughan aren’t just associated with crappy feeds that make the identification of possible suspects difficult.

Today, you can invest in high-definition video surveillance that is linked to an alive feed to relay real-time monitoring in case of break-ins or anything suspicious. Since setting up video security in your home is a pricy affair, we suggest that you speak to our expert technicians to understand the benefits of surveillance for your particular property. You don’t necessarily have to set up several cameras that cover every inch of the property; rather, you can choose to keep an eye on the front door or the back yard if it works for you. Either way, we can assist you in the complete operation and enhance the quality of security on your premises a hundredfold.

What do professional home security cameras in Caledon installation entail?

If you choose to hire us for the installation of a security system on your premises, you can expect the uttermost professionalism from our crew. We are knowledgeable, experienced, and equipped with the latest tech to set up surveillance systems that pay off in terms of heightened protection.

Our process is highly procedural. There are a few steps involved in installing the perfect security system on your premises; whether you prefer a stand-alone access system or multi-faceted surveillance access, we have the services you need.

  1. The first step is to book a consultation and discuss the details of what your requirements are and what you expect the outcome to be.
  2. Next, we survey the entire property or the specified spaces you need to be monitored to give you a few different indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras options.
  3. Once you have settled on the type of surveillance you prefer, we will move on to scheduling the installation
  4. This is followed by an in-time installation completed by highly qualified technicians who understand surveillance inside out.

How is total security Co. the best choice for home security cameras in Mississauga

The world of home security has expanded greatly since the inception of the concept. As such, you can find various installation experts who claim to offer enhanced security at cheap prices. A total security Co., we are highly committed to quality and do not believe in miscommunication or false facades.

We are aware that even minor negligence from us can result in serious threats to the life and security of our customers and as such bring our A-game to the location. Here is why we do a better job

We are an accredited business

As a business that works in security installations, being accredited is a necessity. We are qualified to carry out security installations such as Home security cameras in Oakville and corresponding services.

We are completely compliant with safety standards in place to give customers the peace of mind they need to trust us with doing a perfect job. We are familiar with the permits and the restrictions applied to residential properties choosing to set up surveillance for security purposes. You can discuss the details with us before getting the services you need.

Under One Roof

We believe in maximizing convenience for our customers. You can expect the complete range of digital security systems available at our facility and the qualifications needed to set up reliable surveillance.

Here’s what we offer:

  1. Video monitoring
  2. Video analysis
  3. Cloud access
  4. GSM battery alarms
  5. Ip video installations
  6. Fingerprint sensors at the entrance
  7. Smartphone security access
  8. Alexa or Simplisafe compatible security tech
  9. Fire alarm installations
  10. Home automation
  11. Intruder alarm alert set up
  12. Access control panel installation
  13. Door automation
  14. Network-based video recording and surveillance

Customized technology

Each security camera, fire alarm, sensor available on the market each serves a purpose and varies in resolution, style, features, and characteristics. A total security Co., our team is in sync with technological advancements available for residential surveillance and monitoring.

You can access the following features with simple camera surveillance:

  1. Tilt, pan, and zoom.
  2. Live to stream
  3. Motion and sound recording with additional cloud storage
  4. Night vision
  5. Voice control
  6. Sharing
  7. Sleek designs

You can discuss the requirements you have with us and get the best equipment for your home installed by experts who understand how a particular system can benefit you.

Verified and awarded

We pride ourselves on being the top choice among our customers for Home security cameras in Caledon. We are an Homestars verified business with the best awards recognition. However, we strive every day to make a positive impact on our customers’ lives. The goal is to go above and beyond to promote safety and security for our customer’s homes, whether they want their front door monitored or the entire house under surveillance 24/7.

We believe in being recognized for the quality of work we do, and this helps us improve our services for a better customer experience.

You can give us a call to discuss possible installations or get an upgrade to existing security systems. We are experienced and equipped to help you implement the security measures you need to be stress-free about things that matter.