CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras

We install, repair, and maintain the best quality CCTV cameras in Brampton, Mississauga, and surrounding areas. Having in-depth knowledge about the technical as well as security-related aspects of these cameras, we make your place secure from thefts, break-ins, and other dangers.

Total Security & Surveillance is a name of trust in providing the finest quality CCTV cameras in Caledon and its surroundings. If your place is not secured with the perfect security cameras, you are risking too much in these areas. It is not just about security thefts, but our security cameras allow you to become stress-free of anything.

Our Special CCTV Cameras In Mississauga And Surroundings.

We cover everything from small and simple security systems to customers and large IP megapixel cameras for your commercial or residential place. The best part is, we can also provide you with the best security systems that will provide 360 protections to your place and match your budget.

We Have CCTV Security Cameras For

  • Apartments
  • Warehouses and plants
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Car dealerships
  • Factories

And much more.

Cost-Efficient Techniques

We install cameras in a way that we cover each part of your place while making sure that we do not overuse or misuse any CCTV camera. Especially in the areas like Mississauga and Hamilton, we make sure that we cover the whole area and every corner with 360 protections. This is so because these areas have slightly more theft rates than other places.

Our Cost-Friendly Services Includes

  • 30 plus days of recording
  • You can view it over the digital
  • Recording starts on motion only (you can change or customize it)
  • System overwrites
  • burn video to CD/DVD directly

Are You Upgrading?

If you are, then Total Security & Surveillance has the best IP-based CCTV security cameras that provide high resolution and better performance. This option is always better for official places like offices and retail stores, but you can also use it for your home because better quality means better protection.

We will help you get these options with 100% quality surveillance at the most reasonable rates in Greater Toronto Area.

Get Full Access Control

If you are getting these cameras for home, then we will install them near your doorstep and make sure that they cover every visitor. On the other hand, you get full controlled access over your places such as smart key locks, door entry system, and much more. So, you can give us a call if you want to know more about this.

Here Is A List Of Our Access Control Services

  • Provide total Security of your premises
  • Make sure to keep everyone safe
  • Easily cancel access to certain areas
  • Monitor and report on who is accessing your premises
  • Participates with CCTV system for complete evidence presentation

We secure your place by making sure that only you and other accountable people should have access. This way, no one can interfere in your matters. We also install Alarm panel integration to ensure that everything is secure and you get notified of any threat.

The best part is, you also get to control these CCTV cameras from anywhere you are. Say if you are in Brampton, you can control and check on your place using just your phone and an access code from Vaughan or anywhere you might be.

Customized Technology

We have a variety of customized solutions for you to match your needs. This means you do not have to stay with those old-school and boring cameras, but you can also opt for some sleek designs and prompting colors for those CCTV cameras. You can also match those designs with the looks of your premises, and this way, they will submerge into it.

On the other hand, we have

  • Tilt, pan, and zoom.
  • Live to stream
  • Motion and sound recording with additional cloud storage
  • Night vision
  • Voice control
  • Sharing
  • Sleek designs

Why Should You Trust Us?

We proudly serve Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon, Vaughan, and Hamilton with quality CCTV cameras installation and maintenance. Our prices are pretty low from other service providers that make us eligible for your choice.

Trusted And Award Winners On Homestars

We have received the best of HomeStars awards for providing quality surveillance in Brampton and its surroundings. However, our goal is to achieve more and, most importantly, customer trust. So, you can only expect the best from our side.

One Call For The Sake Of Security

You can give us a call to discuss possible installations or get an upgrade to existing security systems. We are experienced and equipped to help you implement the security measures you need to be stress-free about things that matter.