For home security purposes, you need a starring and recognizing eye to look at your place 24/7. That is why the reason security cameras are made for. Security cameras are the modern invention of science for this sole purpose. When it comes to home security, you can’t compromise on the reliability of these cameras, and it is significantly essential for them to work correctly. Problems are common to any machine, even to cameras too. There will be many moments where these cameras stop working correctly or fail to work ultimately. We have collected some of the commonly occurring problems and solutions to How to resolve home security camera issues in Caledon. Have a look.

Before heading towards the issues, let’s take an overall idea of some problems that people often complain about.

  • There is no screen, and even the LED lights are on.
  • Recordings are not getting saved.
  • Complete black screen, no video recording.
  • It is continuously disconnecting from the Wi-Fi.
  • Security camera playback is making a problem.
  • It is only working during the daylight.
  • No focus is there during the night.
  • The security camera is making weird noises, with no screen.
  • DVR or NVR are flashing red and green lights.
  • The video has no sound.
  • The video is colorless or blurred.

Every problem has its solution, and we hope that the below-mentioned points could help you resolve any issue related to security cameras.

Restart it for once

Frequently, it is possible to have only an issue of a restart so far. Grab your camera and just restart it without interfering with any of its systems. It might be possible that this method would bring back your camera to life. If it does not work, follow the below points to get maximum results.

Take help from the review comment section of your camera company

Review comment sections are full of feedbacks and questions related to problems. It might be possible that you can come across any question similar to your problem, or otherwise you can contact the company directly asking for help. As a security camera provider, we always take care of our customer’s problems. Our representatives are 24/7 on the phone to help.

Give a check on the settings.

Checking your settings is where many of the people lack before calling to any helping hands. If you find something that can be handled by yourself, try to solve it. Open the company instruction book and follow the rules to avail of the settings. The security cameras full capability is hidden behind the rulebook. Some features might be at default, or some needs a click of your hand to start working. You can use our instruction book for a detailed review of your product before making it into use.

Connections, cables and powers are essential to check

When your camera is not working at night, the problem is with connections most of the time. Moreover, cables and other wires should be intact in their right places. Otherwise, the issue will remain the same. Again, take help from the instruction book on where and how to connect the cables correctly. Also, make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is on point and is connected to the cameras. Through which you can resolve your home security camera issues.

Get your security camera updated with the latest software and firmware.

After checking the above points, maybe the issue can be with your software. Don’t miss out on your software updates. Take your software and firmware to the updated version. Make sure to follow the company updates via emails or messages, never to miss an update.

Our company provides a section of up-to-date information on your security software via emails or messages. Try our modern, up-to-date security cameras now.

Reset your camera

Try resetting your camera for once, perhaps it will lead you to lose all your previous data, but it could change the game for you. Your camera will return the same, as new as you bought. Press the reset button or pinch a needle into the hole, according to the rules written on the instruction book.

Check your username and password correctly.

One thing you might be missing is putting the wrong password and username, dealing with errors every time you insert the incorrect information. Note down your username and passwords somewhere before making it your official username and password.

Check your IP address.

According to the rules, each security camera has its IP address for access. If your IP address is shared among two or more people, it will create a problem for you. Resolve any such issue to get your system back to work from the next point.

Ask for help from a professional company

If you are okay with the services your security camera company is providing, then it is good otherwise, being a professional company working for decades, we can advise and resolve any such issues related to your security cameras. Feel free to contact us


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Coming to an end!

We almost tried our best to give you a better experience of resolving home security.  As a team, we focus on listening to the customer first. Believe us, and you will not be having any problems with our work, because we guarantee you the accuracy. We will be overwhelmed if you reach out and will be honored to contribute to your home for high-security safety.